The vacation to change your life

Each of us needs a vacation in order to take a rest from the everyday obligations and to reenergize. Once we do that we can start working again and finish all the tasks successfully. Although summer is usually considered to be the best period of the year to go on vacation if you are traveling abroad you can go any time you want because in some countries the weather is excellent throughout the year. For many people, going on vacation means sunbathing and swimming on some exotic beach and that’s about everything. However, going on vacation doesn’t mean that you should feel great only while the holiday lasts, the benefits can last for months after you come back home. In addition, your vacation can serve as a breaking point in your life because you can change some of your habits and develop new ones that can improve your health and overall mood. One type of holiday that can change your life can be experienced in Thailand and it involves Muay Thai training.


In the recent period, hundreds of people are choosing Muay Thai travel packages. With the help of these packages, people have the opportunity to have a proactive holiday which will help them lose weight, get in shape and learn some self-defense techniques. These packages include membership in a Muay Thai camp, monitoring from professional trainers and trips to some interesting places in Thailand. Before choosing a package like that, make sure that you read carefully what you get. There are some packages that include accommodation in these camps too. Now let’s see what Muay Thai training is all about.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a discipline that has been practiced in Thailand for more than 5 centuries. The truth is that almost every Asian country has developed some specific martial art, but Muay Thai managed to become popular worldwide thanks to the movies, TV shows and the Internet. There are many fitness and MMA trainers who can confirm that this martial art and combat sport is a great fitness activity.

Those who are interested in this fitness activity should know that the training classes that are organized in the aforementioned camps in Thailand are designed for people who want to improve their health and shape in a short period of time. People who are training for Muay Thai fights get slightly different training because they need to learn more techniques. In other words, you should not be intimidated by this training because in the past decade thousands of foreigners (including people with extra weight and low physical readiness) have been part of these classes and they have witnessed some amazing results.

Suwit Muay Thai training will increase your overall strength, shape your body, increase muscle mass, improve mobility and flexibility, improve coordination, relieve stress, promote discipline and self-confidence and allow you to meet new people. This is an excellent option in case you are traveling with your family because almost all training camps are family friendly and in case the rest of your family is not into Muay Thai they can stay at some of the many beautiful beaches there!

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