Frequency Question

1. What makes SuWit Muay Thai Training Camp stand out from all the rest?

With our 25 years of experience and our high level of knowledgeable and able staff, we have been very successful in training our local and foreign students; fine tuning the real Muay Thai technique with ease.

Our Muay Thai trainers have recieved a wide variety of numerous courses to improve their abilities to take students under their wings. They all share strength, agility and discipline. They hold and possess the dexterity needed to instruct clients from a wide variety of countries all around the world. Our instructors are more than willing to work with the various clientele, their  abilities, level of experience, and knowledge base.

Many of the instructors here, at SuWit Muay Thai Training Camp; also take keen interest in keeping their own skills up to snuff by continuing to fight in competitions at our Stadium, making them masters of their technique.

We provide clean and affordable rooms with food, a spotless recreation room, and an accessible gym fully furnished with all the gym equipment you would need to further your skill in Muay Thai. If you have been training with us for over two weeks, you will have the priviledge to go right inside our own stadium to watch real Thai Boxing, right before your eyes. You will have the opportunity to see for yourself, the skill and technique required to become a master of Muay Thai, every Friday evening!


2. Where did the name Camp SuWit come from?

The owner of the Su-Wit Muay Thai Training Camp is named Mr. SuWit. It’s tradition to carry on the name of the owner, or the location.


3. How will I know if I’m going to be accepted into the SuWit Muay Thai Training Camp ?

Everyone is welcome! This includes women, children, and people of all ages, sizes, and ethnic groups! Anyone who has an interest in competition, knowledge, weight loss, fitness, or even if you just have the desire to relax, we welcome you. Our speciality trained staff are more than prepared, and willing to help you achieve whatever goal you are looking for.


4. Will I be able to lose some weight with this program?

The chances of you losing some of your body fat, are extremely high, as many of the martial art students lose their body fat and gain muscle, which is leaner. Some of our customers have lost upwards to 22 lbs in just a month, and others lost 8 lbs in the first week because of the regime and structure. Plus the gorgeous weather and scenery helps with that as well.


5. Do you have accomodations?

Yes! Right here at the Muay Thai Training Camp, we have many accomodations that is either equipped with a fan, or air conditioning. You will have your own private room with a cozy bed to sleep on (private bathroom included), with cable TV, DVD player, and free WiFi!

Cost depends on what you’re looking for. Check out our prices for more information.


6. How do I make accomodations?

Contact us directly via the website to make reservations, and we can make the arrangements there, and answer any questions you may have.


7. What if I just want to take the training without needing to stay?

That is perfectly fine too! We accept all people who want to participate in our programs. Just contact us directly through this site, and we will be able to get your spot booked in our class, then answer any questions you may have


8. What are my payment options?

We allow payments with Paypal, Mastercard and Visa (along with a 3% bank charge) to assist us in helping you, to make your experience better! All transactions require a pre-payment either from cash or credit card.

Prepaying months in advance is not necessary. The present month is what you would be paying for. Advancing for extended periods of time is not required, as we are positively certain you will be completely satisfied with our service and enviroment!

There is NO refund after payment, sorry!


9. Why are the package prices so cheap?

You can thank this website for that! Contacting the owner, via this website, as soon as you make the decision to come stay with us, as doing that cuts out any other middleman cost. This gives us the opportunity to offer you a quality package, at a very affordable price.

Check out our prices to see what we can do for you!


10. What if I want a shorter span of training, making it less than a month?

No problem!! You can choose to train for one week, or one month!

Contact us directly through this site, and we will discuss the different rates that are available. We will even try to get you a room, if you would like. What ever you require, we’ll try to fit those needs!


11. What are my costs going to be everyday?

If you plan on venturing far from the camp, you will be spending more money, as you will have to rent a vehicle or motorcycle to get you where you want to go. However, you can keep cost down by staying near the training camp, and purchasing enough fuel for one day (50 Baht). Be sure to have enough to cover meals (3,000 Baht.month), transportation (2,500 Baht/month), and miscellaneous items (3,000-9,000 Baht/month).


12. How can I get there?

There is plenty of transportation available to bring you to Phuket, as it is a beautiful tourist attraction. You can arrive to Bangkok and consecutively to Phuket through booking a flight from another country.


13. Have concerns about getting to the Muay Thai Training Camp?

Have no worries! I can make arrangements to have you picked up, and brought right to the camp! Let us know the number of your flight and your full name, so one of our staff can happily greet and meet you with a sign at the gate, and bring you back here so you can make yourself right at home.

OR you can contact me directly as soon as you land, and I will personally make arrangements for a taxi for you!

Let me know what you would prefer to do, when you are making your reservations!


14.  How can I travel and explore Phuket?

There are a variety of different options available to you. You will have the chance to travel the island by bus or taxi. If you should choose to rent, you have the choice of renting a motorcyle (200 Baht/day) or you can rent a car (1000 Baht/day). What ever you do, do not forget to bring your driver’s license along with you!


15. Is my Visa going to remain valid throughout my stay?

For exact information, I advise you to get in contact with the Thai Embassy, to ensure you receive the most up to date, and reliable information possible.

Here is a link to the Thai Embassy:


Do you have any other questions, that aren’t shown here?

Contact us! We will gladly answer all of your questions and concerns!


Thank you!

More than words, you’ll be able to watch the Videos of coaching & Rooms at SuWit Camp

Videos: [Click here to Videos: coaching & Rooms]