The accommodation

The accommodation:

Muay Thai gym rooms, welcomes you!

 The photos of the air conditioend rooms at swimming pool are below :


We have expanded our quarters to two different locations! The main location is at the training camp, and the other is approximately 300 meters away from it. Only a five to ten minute walk!

In both of the locations, We want to make your stay with us more inviting. Every room will have:

  • One big, comfortable bed in every room, with a private bathroom.
  • You have the option to choose a fanned or air conditioned room (Hot water and refridgerator are available in the rooms that have air conditioning). Prices for fanned and air conditioned rooms are noted on the bottom of the page.
  • You will have free WiFi
  • A TV with Cable and a DVD player. Channels included in your package:

– Movie

– Sport

– Music

– Star World

– Super Sport

– Sky Sports 3

– Sky News



– Fox News (English)

– NHK (Japan)

– Arirang (Korea)

– ABC2 (Australia)

– Rai internation (Italy)

– DW (Germany)

– TV.5 (France)

– CCTV – 4 (China)


To help you relax during your down time, we have an outdoor pool at your disposal at any time!

The whereabouts to the pool is 300 meters away from the Muay Thai Training Camp, which is only a five to ten minute walk away! Sooth those muscles with some aquatic exercise!

SuWit Muay Thai gym fanned room prices.

Currency          Per Day                                    Per Week                     Per Month


Baht                 400 Baht                                   2,000 Baht                    5,000 Baht


Euros               9 Euro                                      45 Euro                        111 Euro


USD                 12 US Dollar                             58 US Dollar                 143 US Dollar

SuWit Muay Thai gym air conditioned room prices.

Currency          Per Day                                    Per Week                     Per Month


Baht                 600 Baht                                   3,000 Baht                    9,000 Baht


Euros               14 Euro                                    67 Euro                        200 Euro


USD                 17 US Dollar                             86 US Dollar                 256 US Dollar


** Currency Conversion 1 Euro = 45 Baht , 1 US Dollar = 35 Baht ,