A Short Guide

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is a form of martial art that originates from Thailand. In the recent period this martial art has become very popular all over the world. Although some people confuse it with kickboxing, Muay Thai is different and it is also different from classic Western boxing. One of the things that make this sport special is the use of eight limbs. In order to be successful in Muay Thai, practitioners need to be fast, agile, strong and focused. Of course, if they want to keep their performance at a high level they must train all the time. Experienced fitness enthusiasts have found out that the training process can be used by ordinary people who want to become fit too. Needless to say, the best way to feel the benefits of Muay Thai training is to travel to Thailand, the country where this sport was invented.


Although Muay Thai is more than 6 centuries old, people in Thailand still love it and enjoy the matches between pro fighters. In addition, people who want to improve their own health take Muay Thai training classes. The best place to get these classes is a Muay Thai camp. These training camps can be found everywhere. If you want to get the most from the classes, join a camp with professional trainers and good reputation.

Muay Thai is a fitness activity that comes with numerous benefits and most of these benefits were confirmed through studies and tests. For example, Muay Thai provides enhanced cardiovascular conditioning because it is both anaerobic and aerobic training. Furthermore, this type of training strengthens both the legs and arms and activates all muscles. In other words, your core strength will be significantly increased.

In addition, to stress relief and increased hip mobility, we must mention that Muay Thai practitioners also feel more self-confident and more disciplined. The intense training will inevitably lead to improved loss weight results because even one training class can eliminate more than one thousand calories.

We hope that these facts will encourage you to consider Thailand and Muay Thai training for your next holiday.

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