The striking and extreme martial arts

When it comes to combat striking sports, Muay Thai is the most successful striking sport. This can be attributed to many factors which we will address in this page.

Muay Thai uses a complete range of striking weapons including elbows, fists, knees, and legs. In the historical past it also permitted head butting although that is illegal in matches these days. No other striking sport permits this number of striking weapons. Further when training these striking weapons the emphasis is on speed, economy of power and motion making them very efficient in inflicting damage on an opponent.

Muay Thai striking methods cover all the fight ranges, except ground-fighting, including the medium and long ranges used in punching and kicking ranges into the nearer ranges of elbows and knees. It also contains the clinching range in which permits throws and striking with elbows and knees. Once again Muay Thai stands out from all other extreme sports in the ranges of combat covered.

The striking techniques that are used to deliver the weapons are many and permit the exponent to strike from many different angles with power and speed, continually keeping the opponent off balance.

In competition Muay Thai has few limitations on focus areas as do other striking combat sports. As an example in most fight sports kicks to the groin are a foul strike. In Thailand just knees to the groin are illegal which kicks getting a 8 count to permit recovery. The reasoning being that the receiver should have been capable to protect the kick given the space consideration. Thai boxers also wear metal groins cups which deters blatant attacks due to possible foot damage.

Another reason that makes Muay Thai extremely efficient and by far the most successful striking sports, when matched with its rivals, is that it has been continually tested with fight for 100s of years.  The continual testing under war situations between very skilled exponents has meant that all phases of the sport have developed to extremely high levels.

Other striking and extreme sports that may be put into consideration would be complete contact karate matches. These matches are held within an extremely tight set of rules that help make them work and the methodology used in striking is often very telegraphic. They have extremely poor mobility and understanding of true fight movement and power. Today Muay Thai is for good health or travel. The striking and extreme martial arts | Suwitmuaythai is about Muay Thai online or internet technology. You can check from social media for Muay Thai business for holiday.