Extreme games for men and women

Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, is a combat sport created at the base for the Thailand military in the sixteenth century. Muay Thai is also known as the “Eight Member Art” or the “Eight Member Science” because it uses punches, kicks, elbows, and knees, using eight contacts”.

 Muay Thai has its origins in ancestral martial practices, such as muay boran (traditional boxing) and Krabi Krabi (training with weapons).

 The Muay Thai high level requires:

• Excellent brain skills, (vision of the game, adequate and rapid decision making, game intelligence …), and good shape body.

• Essential mental abilities, such as determination, willpower, and courage.

• Strong technical skills with the support of physical skills such as muscular flexibility, speed, and reaction to a signal (reflexes); and moreover, for the KO-system fight,

• Muscular power and strong body.

 Muay Thai for men is a popular sport because of its efficiency; it surpasses a lot of other games of fighting when competitions are organized. This game welcome to women and men of all shapes and ages (from 16 years old)

 The benefits of Muay Thai camp are as below:

  • Cardio, fitness, weight loss, flexibility, concentration, humility & respect and more
  • Come train in a great atmosphere, with a group of very motivated people and learn one of the oldest arts in the world.

 Thai boxing (Muay Thai) cannot be a sport that people describe as rogue sports. These martial arts require a lot of will and diligence. But, as in any sporting activity, the teacher has a fundamental role in the training of the student. The state of mind of the teacher will have a considerable influence on the disciple. Muay Thai business with online technology or social media are important in today. Then suwitmuaythai is good for your health and travel with digital technology.