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Muay Thai is a combat sport which is originated from the Land of Free Thailand. It is all about the culture of Thailand. With those stand-up striking and clinching techniques, it is also known as Art of Eight Limbs or Science of Eight Limbs. The eight limbs include kicks, elbows, knee strikes, and punches. It uses eight points of contact instead of two points of contact in normal boxing and four points of contact in other combat sports.

It is one of the most powerful martial art carried out by the warriors and one of the most preferable methods of bare-knuckle combat. The warriors used to fight with this for honor and pride. And now it is the national sport of Thailand. With proper Muay Thai training, you can be able to develop skills like self-defense, self-expression, and self-development. So, in short, you can enhance your mental, practical and physical skills with Muay Thai.
Muay represents boxing in Thai language, so it is also known as Thai Boxing. Till now Muay Thai preserves its ancient roots,but several variations have made it into a modern sport. It is quite different from kick boxing as in the Muay Thai clinching, elbow and knee strikes are allowed. This conventional martial art of Thailand had initiated as a method of combat for self-defense and for several military uses. As per sources, it had developed in the 16th century.
There are a lot of benefits which you can gain through Muay Thai training. Apart from self-defense, physical and mental strength, you can keep your health on top form. You can enhance your stamina and burn a lot of calories. You can hold a lot of energy to carry out your daily work. Muay Thai can make you muscular, fitter and stronger literally.
As of now Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is achieving an enormous popularity all over the world. There are supporters and experts outside Thailand. A bunch of training camps and exercise classes in almost every country around the world. And it is sure that the eminent historian of Muay Thai will continue and gain more and more recognition in the international field.