Human weapon of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the most dangerous martial arts that you can ever learn in life. This is not to say that it’s something bad – as there is a reason why it’s so dangerous. The reason is that the technique of Muay Thai can be outright lethal if you use it in the wrong way – so as the saying goes – with great power comes great responsibility. If you manage to one day become a proficient Muay Thai specialist – make sure that you use your skill appropriately.

Of course, learning how to fight is something that most people, and men, in particular, wish to do. And most of these people are clueless as to where to start off their learning process. Well, one of the best ways to start off your journey of learning Muay Thai is to go to its native country – Thailand, and therein to find a Muay Thai training camp.

What you need to be aware of right at the outset is the fact that no matter how great of a martial artist you become – you will still need to retreat and surrender at the sight of a weapon. No matter what anyone tells you – martial arts are simply ineffective when it comes to armed combat. They can only help you in hand to hand combat when you’re not severely outnumbered.

Apart from the practical use of Muay Thai though, you can still learn it for other reasons. And the best two reasons for learning Muay Thai is that, first, you will improve your health, and second, that you will become a better person. You all know what we think when we speak about the first point, but what do we think when we say that you will become a better person?

First, you will gain the courage to face adversity. This won’t only come in the form of facing people in combat, but also in all other areas of life. You will achieve something that many people can’t – face the fear of physical violence – one of the objectively scariest things that you can imagine facing. This will make you a more powerful version of yourself, and it will strengthen your character in many ways.