Muay Thai in order to know self-defense

What’s your go to when you think about the fact that the world is a dangerous place to live in, and that a day may come when you will need to defend yourself? If you think right, then you will get weapons training, and you will acquire a weapon. This isn’t a viable option at all times though, and some people need some other way to defend themselves.

Well, the next best thing is to learn martial arts. By learning martial arts you will learn basic techniques of self-defense that you could use in a dire situation. The fact of the matter is that there are many different martial arts that people train – but not all martial arts are created the same. Some martial arts are more effective than some others.

If effectiveness is what you seek, then we recommend you to try finding a Muay Thai training camp. Muay Thai training camps are easy to come by, as Muay Thai is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. This means that there are Muay Thai centers in most heavily inhabited places around the world.

There are several things that you can expect from learning Muay Thai. First of all, you will turn your limbs into powerful weapons that you can use to attack and defend yourself. It’s no coincidence that Muay Thai is actually known by the name of the art of the 8 limbs. This means that in this martial art, there are eight primary striking points that you could use to deal damage, and they are to be found on your limbs. There are two striking points on each arm – the fists and the elbows. And there are two more striking point on each leg – the shins and the knees – making 8 points of attack.

Finally, you will improve your health while training Muay Thai. You will lose weight and gain muscle mass, which is always a good thing if you’re concerned with health, and especially with the way you look. So, postpone no longer and try training Muay Thai.